Here at Horizon Vision Center, we are proud to assist patients with optomap. We serve patients in Grand Junction, CO and the surrounding communities.

An optomap is a low-powered scanning laser that is used to obtain an ultra-widefield digital image of your retina without the need of dilation drops.

Our office always stays up to date with the latest technology. This allows us to provide our patients with the highest level of eye care. Optomap allows you to be comfortable and is very easy.

The optomap adjusts your head into the correct position. You will notice a mild and brief flash of light when the image is taken. The scan will last for only ¼ of a second.

Most eye diseases cannot be detected during the earliest stages. If you do notice a loss of vision, flashing light, or new floaters, it is important to have a comprehensive eye examination with an optomap to ensure your eyes are in good health.

Our entire staff are dedicated to assisting you in any way that we can. We will always go above and beyond for every patient. If you ever have any questions about the optomap before or after it is complete, you are always welcome to ask.

If you have any questions regarding optomap, contact us today at (970) 243-9681.